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Veeam Disaster Recovery Services

Veeam have put together an excellent guide ‘The Essential Guide to the Biggest Challenges with Cloud Backup & Cloud Disaster Recovery‘.  As one of our chosen backup partners, I urge any data and data security conscious I.T Admin to review this document, it gives a great overview on Veeam’s newest technology such as ‘Disaster Recovery […]

OS X Server Caching

We’ve all been there: Apple releases a new iOS update and everyone is going ham. Pretty soon you have a few dozen employees leveraging the internet to get their latest fix. These updates aren’t small, and the impact they will have for all the other users isn’t small either. How do we allow users to […]

PBX as an automation tool

Have you ever thought about digging into the underbelly of your phone system to see what it can really do? Chat room integration? CRM/ERP integration? How about extending it to your employees’ cell phones? That’s not even the end of the possibilities. If you can imagine it, it’s probably possible. Over the years we have […]

8 Trends Shaping Technical Support Services in 2016

Technical support is heavily dictated by technology. Numerous advances in technology have been rapid and have created various paradigm shifts. In recent years, technical support services have changed a lot to catch up with the ever-increasing and diversifying technology trends, not just for business clients, but also for consumers. From “bring your own device” (BYOD) […]

Save backup storage using Veeam Backup & Replication BitLooker

Introduction When you need to back up large amounts of data, you want to use up as little disk space as possible in order to minimize backup storage costs. However, with host-based image-level backups, traditional technologies force you to back up the entire virtual machine (VM) image, which presents multiple challenges that were never problems […]

Microsoft on Upcoming SQL Server 2016; Goes After Oracle

Data professionals might have been expecting a launch date for SQL Server 2016 at the Data Driven event held today in New York City, but what they got was a recap of the flagship database system’s capabilities and a full-out assault on rival Oracle Corp. Exec Judson Althoff detailed a SQL Server 2016/Oracle comparison involving […]

You, your network and the Locky virus

Last Monday, a new particularly clever (and nasty) piece ransomware appeared on the internet called Locky. The malicious file went undetected by most anti-virus software for a number of days and even now a couple weeks since it appeared, antivirus products are still struggling to keep up, often taking upto 24 hours to include detection in their […]