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Where To Start With Infrastructure Monitoring

Recently I spent time revisiting our monitoring system. It needed a little bit of TLC and some of the staff wasn’t clear on exactly how it works and does its magic. As a follow-up, I thought it might be useful to write a little about monitoring. I mean, so what’s the point anyway? Monitoring has […]

DNSChanger Malware on Monday, July 9th, 2012

If you’ve browsed Facebook or Google lately, you may have come across a few articles with the warning that “millions of Americans will lose their internet connections” on Monday, July 9th. Some articles claim this so-called ‘DNSChanger’ malware is set to go off like a timed bomb; others claim the FBI is forcefully causing the […]

Record-breaking uptime is over – 1003 days

Please, a moment of silence, for one of longest uptimes for a actively used server. When we started many years ago and moved into an office, our first server was a white-box desktop. We scrambled to build it out of components we had… some memory from here, a motherboard from over there, and hard drives […]