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Email users often have a favorite method of dealing with unwanted content and senders. Some people like the precision of allow/block lists to authorize or block specific senders or domains (often called “whitelisting” and “blacklisting”); others prefer the simplicity of content filtering; still others like the added effectiveness of challenge-response methods.

A similar range of preferences exists for handling the messages classified as spam. Some users want a daily email summary of blocked email; others want to examine their spam quarantine folder directly; still others may choose to divert their daily quarantine summary to an assistant for checking. Some may not want to be bothered with checking spam folders at all, and elect to have any offending mail vaporized.

Our Email Security service has the versatility to accommodate all of these preferences, and more. Importantly, capabilities can be blended to provide more effective protection than can be achieved by using any one technique independently. In particular, customer experience shows that by combining content-independent techniques with content-based filtering techniques, our solution yields dramatic improvements in user control over inbox access.


Platform Flexibility and Scalability

• Provides many different layers of protection for defense.

• The service is uniquely configurable, providing the versatility that email administrators and solution providers need to address the widest range of end-user requirements. Granular control allows mail for a specific user will only be subjected to the tests dictated by their configuration (or if one is not specified, by the default enterprise configuration).

• The architecture is extensible so that new defenses can be added as they become available or desirable.

• In-message control panel for ease of management


Power Features To Look For

• Realtime Block Lists (RBL)

• User Verification

• Virus Scan

• Attachment Filtering

• Whitelist/Blacklist Capabilities

• Subject Filtering

• Permitted Languages

• Permitted Countries

• Heuristics/Reputation

• Bayesian Filtering

• Outbound email filtering

• Automatic inbound email queuing