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Egnyte provides a complete suite of file services that fully addresses the needs of the enterprise, including mobile access, distributed workforces and complex security requirements. The award-winning hybrid approach harnesses the power and flexibility of the cloud and combines it with the security and performance of on-premises storage.

Egnyte enterprise file services are built from the cloud down, enabling internal and external teams to easily collaborate from any location and from any device, while retaining IT controls. Egnyte’s services simply fit on top of a company’s IT infrastructure to optimize existing investments and offer visibility, control and access to 100% of business files.

File Sync and Share

Egnyte’s enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) enables businesses to offer their employees file access and file sharing between employees and business partners from any device and at any time, while maintaining the strictest levels of enterprise security and control. With Egnyte, IT can combat the problem of Shadow IT and embrace BYOD.
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Hybrid File Server

Egnyte’s Hybrid File Server allows companies to build the right strategy for corporate storage. Companies can move file services to the cloud by migrating existing file shares or build a hybrid architecture with both cloud and on-premises storage. This includes maintaining the folder structure, user groups, Access Control Lists (ACLs) and data integrity. Egnyte also enables IT to architect a file services solution that is agnostic to where data is stored and ensures ubiquitous access and control.

Cross Site Synchronization

With Egnyte’s Cross-Site Synchronization service, business users can collaborate across headquarters, remote offices and branch offices (RoBo) as if they’re in the same location. Egnyte enables collaboration across offices that may be utilizing a range of heterogeneous storage platforms. Users can enjoy fast local access to files within the office, as well as the capability to seamlessly collaborate across numerous locations.

Cloud Tiering/Archiving

Egnyte is the only solution that allows customers to tier data based on sensitivity, compliance, file size, access frequency, and more. This helps determine the storage layer on the back-end while maintaining a unified interface for the end user. For example, small collaborative files (Green Files) can be stored in the cloud, but large files (Yellow Files) need a local copy and sensitive files (Red Files) need to be stored on premises only. Similarly, tiering based on file type and access frequency (hot, warm, cold) can determine the migration priority for a streamlined cloud migration.

Global Namespace

Egnyte’s unified file-access layer prevents the formation of data silos. Business users can view 100% of files, regardless of where they are physically stored, through a single interface, and IT can maintain a universal file structure to enable streamlined collaboration and provide a robust security infrastructure.