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From the requests of many of our clients, NetCal is proud to offer our latest Hosted IT Solution to help small businesses attain enterprise level services at affordable prices.

Contact us today to get pricing that is typically 1/2 off of the lower prices on the Internet!

To stay competitive and focus on business processes, many companies require networked services. Unfortunately, the cost of purchasing enterprise grade equipment, software licenses, and maintenance can overwhelm the expenses and budgets for a small business. Also, the time taken to deal with service outages can significantly delay the time-to-market for your product or services.

From the requests of many of our clients, NetCal is proud to offer our latest Hosted IT Solution to help small businesses attain enterprise level services at affordable prices.

The Need

For many years, small businesses and startups have become accustomed to survive on minimal and unreliable network services and functionality due to the lack of time, money, and technical skills. These network services provide small business and startups the tools they need to function efficiently.

The Solution

NetCal has determined a number of network services vital to small businesses (10-100 users):

• Email

• Collaboration and Information Sharing (Groupware) services

• Database Solutions

• Web Hosting (Intranet/Extranet)

• Centralized user management (Active Directory)

• Centralized Antivirus server

• Available-Anywhere connectivity services

• High availability and Reliability of services

• Backup Services Server (Web, Database, etc…)

We realize different businesses have different needs, therefore, we have setup a modularized pricing plan. Clients only pay for the services they currently require. Initial configuration and setup of the services are included. Of course, as your business grows, you may update the network services hosted. As an example, you might initially only require an Email server and a server for your Enterprise Antivirus solution. Fortunately, if within a couple of months, you require a web server to host your website or an Active Directory domain controller to manage your workstations, you can simply upgrade your services for an additional fixed monthly fee. With a maintenance plan, we could even manage your environment from your hosted server for you. This ensures that antivirus clients are update-to-date and software updates are deployed and installed.

Furthermore, we can manage your Local Area Network and integrate it with your hosted server using a secure VPN tunnel.

Microsoft Hosted Server Components

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

The familiar and simple user interface of the Microsoft Office suite coupled with a tight integration with Microsoft Exchange allows for a very effective email solution. Please refer to Collaboration Solutions for a list of the enhanced features of Microsoft Exchange 2007. Below is a list of important features.

Active Sync

Smart phones are only smart when coupled with smart software. Active Sync allows cellular Iphone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile users to access and update important emails, calendar, and contact information.

Outlook Web Access (OWA)

Outlook Web Access is the famous Microsoft Exchange client interface for the web. This allows users to access their important emails, tasks, calendar, contacts, and public folder items from any Internet browser.

Simplified client configuration

Using Outlook 2007, users only need to enter their usernames and passwords to configure their client settings.

Enhanced Antispam features

Using a dozen different detection methods, Exchange 2007 can filter emails that clutter your mailbox. Managing what is and what isn’t spam is only a click away.

Secured Encryption

Exchange 2007 natively supports encrypted email between your computer and the server. This means you can rest assured your confidential emails are kept that way.

Sharepoint Server 2007

This technology combines document management and collaborative capabilities, including intranet and extranet portals, into a simple web interface. Integration with Microsoft Office allows for in-browser editing.

Enterprise Antivirus

We will install and configure your antivirus solution on your hosted server. Once configured, we can also configure the client computers to connect. Through a VPN tunnel that we would configure, the antivirus solution could deploy, manage, and update workstations.

Active Directory Domain Controller

Active Directory allows for centralized management of user identities and security policies. It also allows for Group Policy deployment of configurations and software installations.

File/FTP Server

A file server could be used to host important internal files shared throughout the company or large files shared with external parties. Using secured FTP technology, the uploading and downloading of large files are no longer rejected when sent through email.

Web Server

Whether you are hosting your company website or are in need of a backup/development web server, we can provide you with the resources and secured environment you need to safely host your website, we work with the top wordpress hosting companies.

Database Server

A database server could be used in conjunction with your web server or made to replicate with your existing database server. Either way, it would be accessible in a secure manner.


Web Server Hosting Case Study

Acme, Inc. engages people of all ages and backgrounds in exploring and experiencing the technologies affecting their lives, and aims to inspire the innovator in everyone. An expansive variety of interactive exhibits and unique floor programs showcase not just how technology works, but how it affects who we are and how we live, work, play and learn. Acme’s 132,000 square feet are divided among themed galleries focused on innovation, the internet, the human body, and exploration.

IT Needs:

Acme, Inc. currently has their website hosted at CompanyA. They have been getting complaints that users that visit the site has to wait a long time for the site to respond. Furthermore, the company claims that a weekly reboot of their server was necessary for the website to function optimally and securely.

How NetCal’s Hosting Services can help:

NetCal not only provided a fully functional virtual server for Acme, Inc. but they also migrated existing modules and website data. The following were metrics used to compare between the two services.

This table shows successful page downloads. If a page wasn’t downloaded in 15 seconds, for any reason, it is considered a failure. Usually pages didn’t load completely when hosted on CompanyA’s server because the server hung. NetCal broke it down into two lists, PHP and CFM since they are different modules in the web server and it was obvious when browsing the old website. Fortunately, it’s no longer obvious when browsing that you’re on a CFM or PHP page.