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The Internet is known as the Information Highway because it connects network clients together, just like how Highways connect cities. This evolutionary technology gave birth to mobile offices and mobile users. Today, a user can make phone calls and answer questions from a hotel room, just as though they were sitting in front of their office desk. Sales staff are no longer tethered to the office with network cables, while company policies and resources are still enforced remotely.

NetCal can provide a solution to allow your employees to stay connected to the critical business data and resources they require. This will make your business more efficient, thus increasing your return on investment. Click on the Sales Information Request form to have our Sales Engineer team contact you!

Outlook Web Access (OWA)

Outlook Web Access (OWA) is an effective solution for people who require roaming, remote access, or cross-platform functionality. It allows you to access your Microsoft Exchange Server mailbox from any computer with an Internet connection and a standard web browser. In addition, through the use of Internet Explorer, the user interface and performance will be greatly enhanced. The enhancements closely mimics the Outlook client GUI, allowing for a short learning curve.

Outlook Web Access includes the following features:

• You can access and use personal distribution lists stored in your Contacts.

• OWA supports embedded items such as messages, appointments, and meeting requests, as well as contacts and posts.

• You can access contacts and calendar items in Public Folders.

• Support for accessing items with a URL. Items (messages, folders, and so on) can now be accessed by using an address such as

• Preview pane: Allows you to preview a message prior to opening it.

• Drag and drop functionality: Allows you to manage the messages within your mailbox by providing the ability to move documents between folders within the mailbox.

• HTML text editing: Provides you the ability to change font size, style, and color within the browser when sending or replying to messages.

• Right-click menu options: Provides easy management in the folder hierarchy

Windows Mobile

Mobile “smartphones” are getting more advanced every day. The mobile user would be able to regularly check his email, view/edit documents, access calendaring information, and remotely access other resources through the Internet. This allows for valuable information to not be missed when a user is out in the field or away from the office. We can configure your existing IT systems to provide services that integrate with your mobile devices then setup your devices to work with these services.

• Better-looking e-mail. Users view e-mail the way it was intended with its original pictures, tables and formatting, whether from a corporate e-mail server such as Exchange Server 2007, Web-based accounts such as Windows Live Hotmail or Yahoo! Mail, or a wide range of other service providers.

• Ease of viewing and editing of Office system documents. The new Office Mobile suite, built for all Windows Mobile powered devices, gives users a truly familiar and powerful experience with rich viewing and editing capabilities, without having to worry about the deletion of critical formatting and images.

• E-mail management and setup with fewer clicks. Nine new one-click options have been added, including Reply All, setting a flag, moving a message to a subfolder, and, of course, Delete. Users can set an automatic out-of-office reply while on the road when using a Windows Mobile 6 powered device and Exchange Server 2007.

• Synchronization with Windows Vista. Windows Vista™ and the Windows Mobile Device Center take the guesswork out of managing a device and swapping music, pictures, movies and Outlook information between PC and the device.

• Smart calendar bar. This innovative new feature gives users the ability to understand at a glance the day or week ahead and quickly determine open time on their schedules. With Exchange Server 2007, they can see who is attending a meeting and forward or reply to meeting requests.

• Web search, e-mail, instant messaging (IM) and blogging all together. Windows Live for Windows Mobile will provide customers with a rich set of services including Windows Live Hotmail, Windows Live Messenger, Live Search and Windows Live Spaces, uniquely designed to work with Windows Mobile software. Users can also find all their contacts in one unified list and see presence information on their Windows Live Messenger contacts.

• Contacts with context. Call history is now placed where it belongs, in each individual contact card, so people spend less time searching and more time communicating.