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Sometimes, an organization’s IT staff does not have the expertise to implement a solution (e.g. configure a Cisco router) or fix a complex problem (e.g. restore a corrupt Exchange database). Other times, the frequency of IT issues do not occur often enough to warrant having a full-time IT staff. A part-time IT person would save money, but isn’t as reliable.

These companies would benefit tremendously by NetCal’s Retainer Support Services. Unlike other retainer-based support services, we provide monitoring and scheduled after-hours support services at no additional costs. We also provide detailed project logs so you can keep track of everything done to your systems. We are essentially your secondary IT support staff in case of emergencies or when an extra hand is needed. The flexibility of our retainer support service and the fact that our engineers will be farmiliar with your network allow our clients to rest assured that their critical IT hardware and software are in good hands. Call us at 408-228-4488 to talk to a sales consultant today!

Retainer IT Support Services details

Designed for

• Companies with current and future projects in mind

• Companies that sporadically require IT support services

• Companies that require backup support services in case of a major outtage

• Companies that would like to pool from our knowledgeable staff of certified engineers

• IT Planning and Management

Additional Benefits

• Increased response time (onsite and offsite)

• Discounted Rates

• Planned after-hour projects does not incur a rate increase

• Multi-level SLAs

• Detailed project logs

• MON – Remote Monitoring Service

• TIX – Online Trouble Ticketing System

Retainer-based support services from NetCal save clients money by providing discounted labor rates based on the quantity of hours purchased. Companies who have plans for future IT projects or those who are running lean, yet still require IT support when necessary are the perfect candidates. They purchase the block of hours for the cost savings and ability to selectively use those hours. Since this is a contractual relationship between the companies, NetCal will initially invest time to document and familiarize itself with the clients’ environment. Hours are available in blocks of 25, 50, and 100+ hours. Hours can be used flexibly, allowing for a certain degree of disaster planning and unexpected maintenance. The client will have an entire year before their hours expire.

Retainer IT Networking Support Services Case Study


Acme, Inc. is a leader in film technologies. Their films reduce up to 99 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays and reject up to 79 percent of the solar heat that may otherwise come through a window. They also help reduce winter heat loss by reflecting up to 35 percent of indoor heat back into the room. From the inside, the film offers glare-reduction properties. Acme, Inc.’s films save energy and reduces the fading effects of ultra-violet rays on furnishings.

IT Needs

Acme, Inc. had a problem. They are a manufacturing plant, which means their reliance on networked services are high. It is very critical for production to have the least amount of downtime between runs. Fortunately, they have less IT-related issues than the average business. This creates a problem for the company because the need for quality support is critical, yet their network infrastructure and environment does not constitute a need for a full-time IT staff. The problems that arise could happen at anytime so they needed to be prepared.

How NetCal’s Retainers Support Services can help

NetCal’s Retainer-based solution solved this for Acme, Inc. Within a couple of days, documentation was provided, SLA’s were established, support engineers were farmiliarized with the network environment, and monitoring was configured. Now, when there is a problem, our support engineers are prepared to resolve it as quickly as they can. Our monitoring solution allows us to be alerted when a problem arise even before Acme, Inc. contacts us. They are also within budget because because they are only charged for services actually rendered during a support call. Essentially, Acme, Inc. has a group of IT support staff when they need it most.