Helpdesk Support Services

Today, more than ever, businesses are scrounging to cut costs, while continuing to run with a lean team of IT staff. Compounded with the frequency of user issues and the time it consumes, it’s not a surprise when most IT projects are put on hold.

NetCal can augment your existing IT staff by providing Desktop Helpdesk Support Services. This allows your current IT team to focus on the much needed server consolidation tasks or upgrades necessary for your business to work efficiently. When a user desktop issue arises, NetCal’s support staff will be able to guide them through a solution remotely or onsite. Our staff will also have all the necessary documentation and familiarity with your current network environment to all provide the speediest recovery possible.

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IT Desktop Helpdesk Support Services details::

Designed for:

  • Companies with a thin IT staff
  • Companies that need to work on IT projects, but don’t have time for user issues
  • Companies that have a lot of user helpdesk requests that take up a lot of time
  • Companies with a simple network, but requires support for its users
  • Companies wanting to leverage fixed costs for support services

Additional Benefits:

  • Fixed monthly cost
  • Increased response time
  • Discounted Rates
  • Multi-level SLAs
  • Detailed project logs
  • MON – Remote Monitoring Service
  • TIX – Online Trouble Ticketing System

Desktop Helpdesk support services from NetCal save clients a lot of time. Crucial time typically allocated to user desktop issues are alleviated. Current IT staff can concentrate on the IT projects necessary for your business to thrive.