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Select the Right Managed Print Service

We are moving toward the world of digitization as all businesses heavily rely on digitizing data. However, this change has not affected our mentalities and even today all the important, as well as routine, business activities and information is in hard copy. Not only that, but the use of print has been a difficult habit to change. A recent survey found an average 14% of global company revenue is being wasted on document related activities, owing to inefficient printing practices. In order to eliminate such expenses, it is important to adopt a Managed Print Service.

What is MPS and how it can be beneficial?

“Managed print services (MPS)” is a service offered by the external provider to manage and optimize document output and meet the printing needs of the entire firm. It also takes care of all the devices associated with the need for printing like printers, copiers, fax machines and multifunction devices.

MPS can not only reduce print related expenses, but it also helps to gain predictability about the expenses and gain better visibility. However, in order to avail the optimum benefits it is important to select the right MPS provider that can help the company to reduce the repair and maintenance costs. Below there are 5 tips that will help you to select the best MPS provider:

1. Should be able to provide multi-vendor support

Generally a company is expected to have all the same printing related equipment, but there can be exceptions. Hence, it is important to select an MPS provider that can provide services for all the type of equipment and should have the necessary expertise for required services and repairs. They should be able to provide necessary IT expertise for a wide variety of equipment.

2. Provide good customer experience

The MPS provider should be dedicated to improving the efficiency of print infrastructure, keeping in pace with the changing needs of the office. They should focus on improving the performance of the customers and enhance employee productivity. As per the survey done by IT advisory company Quocirca, it was found that 30% of the organizations viewed printing as a critical component for their business. Hence, it is important that the provider should be able to make printing a hassle free process and boost the company’s productivity.

3. Meet the demand for mobile printing

With the changes in the modus operandi of the businesses there is an increase in the demand of mobile printing. The businesses are functioning in a non-traditional environment and it has lead to an increase in the need for mobile printing. The MPS provider should be able to offer the apps or extensions that can fulfill the needs of mobile printing. They should be able to provide smart managed print services that can optimize and streamline the processes as well as workflow.

4. Should focus on enhancing the productivity

The MPS provider should not only focus on providing the print solutions, but should also be able to manage it more effectively and efficiently. They should be able to analyze the information regarding the printer usage and make necessary changes or recommendations in order to increase the fleet efficiency. It should be able to provide the required services as per the changing needs of the business. They should be able to streamline the workflow and provide cost effective solutions.

5. Maintain flexibility and consistency

The MPS provider should be ready to evolve and change as per the changing needs of the business and help them to face the challenges. Some companies may want to opt for a single vendor, while others might opt for multiple vendors. The MPS provider should be flexible enough to provide the solutions as per the needs of the company. Moreover, there has to be a consistency in standards of delivering the services across several locations over a span of time.


The advantages of adopting MPS are way beyond reducing printing and paper usage. It can help your firm to streamline the process and workflows by managing fewer devices, fewer pages and lowered costs. It also helps you to enhance the knowledge of worker productivity and manage the increasing information and data.

A useful print server configuration tool

Have you ever wanted to make a backup of all your printers, it’s shares, the permissions for them, and the drivers on your print server?  Well, Microsoft has a very useful tool that does this.  Furthermore, it also does restores!  I couldn’t believe my eyes either!  It’s great for when you need to setup redundant print server configurations or when you are migrating print servers!

Here it is: